Cameroon: Kick Maternal Mortality Out of the Country!

In Cameroon, like in many other sub-Saharan African countries, maternal mortality is one of those sad realities people (women in particular) have to face almost everyday.

Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia are the two regions of the world with the highest maternal mortality rates. So, in  2009 a 15 y.o girl living in Africa, had 1 chance over 26  to die because of a problem relevant to her pregnancy, while a girl of the same age living in a developed country had only 1 chance over  300!

The country with the highest maternal deaths rates in the world is Niger, where a woman has only 1 chance over 7 to die while giving life. Amongst the 536,000 maternal deaths that occurred in 2005, over 533,000 (about 99%) happened in developing countries.

In spite of all the international community efforts’ these last years, the gap between rich and poor countries remain very big. Only Central and West Africa totalize 1,100 deaths in 100,000 births, while it’s only of 8 deaths in an industrialized country!

Although the rate of maternal mortality declined of 0.4% per year between 1990 and 2005 that has not been enough to reach the Millennium Development Goal of reducing the maternal mortality of 75% before 2015.

In 2009, in Cameroon only, for 100,000 new-born children, about 669 women died during the childbirth!

So many things have to be done to improve this situation.

So Let’s Take Action NOW




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